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I want to inspire you to be your best self!

As a trans woman and multi-sport athlete with Cerebral Palsy living in Plattsburgh, NY, life hasn’t always been easy. However, by sharing my story, I hope to show that you, too, can overcome any obstacle in your way.

Let me share my story and tell you how I became the person you see today.



I loved sports as a child. I would spend hours watching sports on tv or at the local park, just studying how to play. It didn’t matter the sport; I just loved to watch people compete.

I was one of three children; my parents could only focus on keeping a roof over our heads and food on the table. Even though I had a deep love for sports, my family could not afford the right wheelchair or adaptive equipment.

Even if they could afford the equipment, there are no sports teams in the region for differently-abled athletes. It felt like the dream of being an athlete was not in the cards for me.

As I grew older, I found myself gaining weight and getting more and more depressed. It felt like I was only going through the motions to get through the day. I didn’t feel like I was genuinely living; I did not feel fulfilled, which is not the life I wanted for myself.


I knew at that moment that I wasn’t going to let my circumstances hold me back.

It does not matter that I am in a wheelchair;
It does not matter that I have cerebral palsy;
It does not matter that I am trans woman

I can be and AM an athlete.


I adopted the athlete mindset and began to see a change in myself. The pounds dropped off. My mental health began to improve. I realized nothing could hold me back. I used all those years of watching sports to teach myself as an adult how to get involved. It was not long after that I started to participate at local 5k races, and not long after that that I saw some pretty impressive race results. 

Through running and nordic skiing, I felt a growing sense of confidence. Through sports, I finally felt fulfilled that I saw how hard I could push myself and all the things my body is capable of accomplishing.


Sports have done amazing things for me. They have shown me the potential that I possess. They have taught me that I’m a lot stronger mentally and physically than I thought. By sharing my journey, I hope to inspire people and show them that their past or life circumstances do not need to define them.

Please join me on my journey, and let’s empower each other to be the best versions of ourselves.

Past Race Results

Running Results

Mayors Cup 5k
Completed on: 7/10/21 Finished in: 0:38:11
Run 4 Wine 5k
Completed on: 5/22/21 Finished in: 0:39:53
EDD Dream Big 5k (Virtual)
Completed on: 4/27/21 Finished in: 0:40:50
Shamrock Shuffle 5k
Completed on: 3/13/21 Finished in: 0:45:04
Dream Big 5k (Virtual)
Completed on: 4/26/20 Finished in: 0:45:52
Plattsburgh Half (5k)
Completed on: 5/3/20 Finished in: 0:43:51
Friehofer's Run 4 Women
Completed on: 5/30/20 Finished in: 0:41:16
Alzheimer's Sundown Run to Remember
Completed on: 8/21/20 Finished in: 0:42:33
Boilermaker 15k
Completed on: 08/30/20 Finished in: 2:34:42
Virtual New Balance 5th Ave Mile
Completed on: 9/12/20 Finished in: 0:10:11
Vermont State 5k Championship
Completed on: 9/3/2020 Finished in: 0:55:39
Lace up for SAS Virtual 5k
Completed on: 9/7/ 20 Finished in: 0:42:11

Upcoming Races

Shamrock Shuffle 5k
March 2022
Plattsburgh, NY

EDD Dream Big 5k
April 2022
Essex Junction, VT

Run 4 Wine 5k
May 2022
Chazy, NY

Freihofers Run 4 Women
June 2022
Albany, NY 

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